Monday, November 3, 2008

Still Undecided ?

Are you still undecided as to who to vote for?

We are here to help. It is really very simple.

If you believe government should make sure you have a place to live, medical care and all your other necessities OR if you believe the government should cut up the pie to make sure you get your share OR if you made bad financial decisions, or didn't get enough education, or got 3 different girlfriends knocked up or are a drug addict or alcoholic or just generally make poor decisions and think the government should bail you out OR If you think you are entitled to more not because you work for it but because that is what would be fair THEN you should vote for Obama and the Democrats.

If you believe that the less the government gets involved in your life the better OR if you believe in taking responsibility for fixing your own mistakes OR If you believe instead of dividing up the pie we should make more pies OR if you believe that the way to get ahead is through hard work and sacrifice then vote for McCain and the Republicans.

Tommorrow is the day the nation gets what it asks for. Let us hope the nation does not regret its choice.

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