Friday, October 31, 2008

Lessons from History

I had a history teacher in College who was fascinating because he had lived history. He was from a family of White Russian Cossacks who fled Russia and scattered across Europe. His Grandparents where both killed by communists one by being tied to a bed and left out in the snow. He was also a linguist who was an interpreter at the Nuremberg trials.

One story he told was how he was sent to boarding school in Germany during the rise of Hitler.

He listened to the propaganda his teachers spouted and became a fan of Hitler. On returning home during a break he told his father of this. His father asked him "Son have you read Mien Kampf ?" My Professor admitted he had not. His father told him "read the book" and he did.

It opened his eyes to what Hitler was really about. He returned to school and became increasingly unpopular with the teachers as he challenged their propaganda.

Soon he left Germany and wound up coming to the United States where he joined the army so that he could fight the evil he knew was coming but which the German people either did not know or did not believe was coming.

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