Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Quote and a Proposal for National Service

Today's quote is a repeat but extremely appropriate as we honor all the men and women who have served their country.

" We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. " George Orwell.

Today's Quote comes with a commentary. This may not be a new phenomena but it is one I recently noticed . I know a mother who would not let her son apply to the Military Academies because she did not want him in the service. I spoke to another women who agrees with John McCain on most issues and does not like Obama but she will not vote for McCain because she is afraid he will bring back the draft. Once we were a nation proud to go ourselves and yes to send our sons and daughters to serve the cause of Freedom which this nation represents. Yes that is the cause we go to war for. It was why we went to war in Europe, In Vietnam and yes in Iraq. Is that no longer a worthy cause? We are loosing the belief that it is and that and is a dishonor to those who who have sacrificed for that cause. While I pray that my children never have to go to war I will not stop them should they seek to serve their country. In fact I will gaze upon them in awe and pride.

Part of the problem is we selfishly think of our rights as citizens and forget our obligations. A social contract like any other contract is a two way street. We need to serve our country in a variety of ways Military service, Jury Duty, even voting is not only a right but an obligation as is making an informed decision before you vote.

WE need to bring back this ethic. I propose a two year mandatory period of National Service.
You can satisfy it with a stint in the military, the Peace Corp, a domestic peace corp should be started ( is that what VISTA is?). Re-institute the Conservation Corps. States and Non- Profits could set up programs that satisfy the requirement (Provided there are some rules such as it is full time, minimal compensation and you live away from home) You could also satisfy it with 6 years in the National Guard or Reserves.

I would allow (1) 4 year exemption for college and and another exemption for certain professional degrees ( for skills would be useful such as doctors and lawyers) but it would definitely be serve me now or serve me later.

There would be few deferments for physical issues because people who could work behind a desk would be needed also.

It would make this a better nation and a better people. It would do honor to all those who sacrificed to make us the great Nation we are and must remain.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I am back after a short hiatus and the first thing I have to say is.
It is not the governments job to make sure you have low gas prices! (btw neither is it their job to bail you out of the mortgage you can not afford but that is another story)
High Gas prices are a result of a basic economic fact SUPPLY and DEMAND.
So quite your whining and junk the gas guzzling Hummer.
Worldwide oil is usage has increased as many formerly third world countries embrace capitalism and climb into the modern world. Meanwhile production has not increased significantly.
So price controls are not the answer and neither is socia...... I mean taking over the oil companies as suggested by Senator Maxine (I"m a commy) Waters. Nor should we tap the strategic reserves to increase supply . Lower gas prices is not a "strategic "reason.

And let's stop blaming oil companies for high profits. First their profit margin is smaller the Microsoft's. In fact it is only average. Besides we own these companies. If you are in a pension fund or mutual fund, IRA, Keough etc.... you probably own oil company stocks. You want them to male a lot of money stupid!

To lower gas prices we either have to increase supply or decrease demand. We can do something about the demand end. Stop driving gas Guzzlers. I live in the Northeast where half the people drive gas guzzling SUV's to drive the Parkway to work or worse yet go to the grocery store. (go out west where it would make sense to have 4 wheel drive and you see a lot less of them). So as a conservative I am telling you that conservation would help the problem.

The other end of the equation is Supply. In spite of what I said above the Government can make a difference here if we let them. There is a lot of untapped oil that we could tap into which would increase supply. Not only in ANWAR but off our coasts. If we let the oil companies go after it we could have our lower prices. We also need to let more refineries be built and start building nuclear power plants again.

These moves towards energy independence (conservation, more domestic production and alternate energy sources) will not only lower the price at the pump will not only lower prices but enhance our national security. That is right If you are driving one of those Hummers you are part of the reason we are embroiled in conflicts in the Mid East. If we did not need their oil do you think we would be as interested in what goes on there.

Now I will defend your right to drive a Hummer (or other gas guzzler). That is what economic freedom is all about. JUST STOP WHINING!

P.S. Other facts of interest relted to this post.. 1. an average of 40 cents per gallon of Gas is taxes (depending on where you live it can be higher or lower) 2. The cost of Gasoline in England is 10 dollars a gallon as of yesterday. 3.France gets 70% of its energy from Nuclear power.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I am sorry for the lack of posts lately I have handling some very time consuming personal business but will be back to blogging very soon.

Thank you for your patience.