Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another example of Media Bias.

John Podesta ex Clinton Aide head of a liberal think tank and Obama Transition Chief once took the Pentagon to task for covering up information regarding UFO's.
Read all about it hear. Now my purpose in bringing this up is not to make fun of Podesta. he strikes me as very intelligent (although I often think "intelligent liberal" might be an oxymoron) competent individual.
I am certainly open to the possibility of alien life having visited our planet so I don't have any problem with what he has said on the subject.

My point is this. Can you imagine if he was a conservative and was John McCain's transition chief.
Stories in every major media outlet that would not actually come out and say "What a whack job" but that would be the direction they pointed and never mind the late night TV Monologues and Saturday Night Live skits. They would go on about it for weeks.
Is a little balance asking for too much?


ambrosiajr said...

Gee...I have the same feeling about "compasionate conservative"...has to be an oxymoron since there's no such thing. heh-heh.

Beam me up Scotty....there's no intelligent life here.

Son of Liberty said...

Wow. Something you and I agree on. Compassionate conservative is an oxymoron.
The Job of governmemt is to work for the greater good not to be compassionate and apply a salve to every individuals personel problems.
Certainly consrvatives should individually show compasion but their political philosphy should not because that type of large scale compassion makes things worse.

When government forgets about trying to be compassionate it actually results in a more compassionate result. It is better to get out of the way so people can find there own success then to hand it to them on a platter. George Bush's biggest failing was that compassionate conservative crap.