Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Three quick and easy things for the New Republican Platform

1. Adopt the T. Boone Pickens Energy Plan (or something close). Energy Independence is a matter of National Security. A bonus, you will not have to advertise it T. Boone will do it for you.

2.End Earmarks, corporate subsidies , farm subsidies, (all subsidies) and reduce the size of government. (SEE this recent column by George Will)

3. No more unfunded mandates on State and local governments. These raise property taxes hurting people on fixed Incomes (a populist issue Republicans can get behind and out flank the Dem's) and stifle federalism.

More to come on Immigration, a new foreign policy for a new reality, education, and what to do about social issues. Keep checking back


ambrosiajr said...

These 3 ideas make perfect sense...for any party to tackle. I would suggest that you stay away from the social issues and stick to issues that effect people where it ocunts, in their pocketbooks.

Son of Liberty said...

So the people who care about social issues shouldn't have a partys that advocates for their views?
Or is it only ok if its the "right" social issue.
A significant number of people care more about social issues then the economic ones. I think there is a good argument that the death of millions of unborn children is more important then how much money is in my pay check.

ambrosiajr said...

That may be, but it doesn't play well right now. Regardless of your views, and if you want to bring back the republican party, stop trying to shove morality down people's throats. But hey, keep doing what you're doing...

how's that working for ya?

And trust me, no sweat to me...I like to see republicans self destruct. Its great sport.

Son of Liberty said...

Actually it has worked out pretty well for the last 28 years and it has had nothing to do with any loses Republicans have suffered have suffered.
These issues are still winners for Republicans. Every where the gay marriage issue is put to a vote the people vote No. It even won in looney California.
Studies show that with regard to people who decide their vote on the abortion issue pro lifers out number pro abortion advocates two to one.
Every law has a morality component to it. You only call it shoving my morality down your throat when you disagree with it.

Son of Liberty said...

Oh yeah and one other thing Rick.
Why is it ok to abort babies but wrong to torture terrorists?

ambrosiajr said...

I never said it was ok to abort babies. And I'm fortunate not to have to make that kind of choice.

Its not ok to torture anything or anyone. That's where we should take the moral high ground. If you're so concerned with doing the right and moral thing, than why is it ok to torture another human being?

Son of Liberty said...

For my position on torture read this post


or for an abreviated version read this comment from a post a few weeks ago.

"legally I can kill someone to save a life. This has always been the case and is true today. But I can not torture a terrorist to stop a terrorist act that might kill hundreds or thousands. Would you torture someone to save your family? I would. I would do a lot worse then what they were doing to our guests in Gitmo. That torture can not be used for that limited purpose is not only a self defeating position but it is legally and morally indefensible."

And once again Thanks for stopping by I may give you a hard time but I appreciate your willingness to take it as well as dish it out.

ambrosiajr said...

That's the fun of it SOL...it would be a dull world indeed if we all agreed on everything.