Monday, November 24, 2008

A New Forign Policy Platform for Republicans

The Republican Party needs a new Foreign Policy Platform.

I was a supporter of the Iraq war. I believe it was a just cause and it advanced freedom in the world. I do not understand how the removal of a brutal aggressive tyrant can ever be a bad thing for the USA or the rest of the world. However, I have learned that the American public does not have the stomach for a drawn out conflict unless there is an eminent and direct threat to this nation. That reality though disappointing must be considered. Our current posture needs to be rethought. We must be muscular but more low key. Not isolationist but not so willing to carry all the water. Energy independence is one of the keys to an effective foreign policy because it will allow us more room to maneuver in other areas.

Here are a dozen points for a new foreign policy.

1. We will use all non-military means at our disposal to promote freedom in the world. This includes democracy, personal freedoms like speech and religion and economic freedom.

2. If our national security is directly threatened we reserve the right to act swiftly, unilaterally, and with maximum force.

3. If you harbor our enemies we reserve the right to take appropriate military action on your soil and against you if needed.

4. If an ally of ours is subject to an unprovoked attack and we are asked for assistance we will stand by our allies. This includes responding in kind to a nuclear attack. (take note Iran and North Korea). however our allies must take more responsibility for their own defense and take the lead in diplomatic efforts to diffuse regional crisis. They must be willing to step up the the plate. An example; let's face it North Korea is not a threat to us but to South Korea and Japan.

5. We will not intervene in other military conflicts either between two nations or internally in one nation UNLESS the majority of our allies in the free world support the action, ask for our assistance and shoulder an equal share of the burden. Its time for Europe to step up to the plate. No more should we shoulder the responsibility of protecting peace and freedom only to be used as an international punching bag.

6. India is the largest Democracy in the world and will become an economic powerhouse. We must develop a close economic and military alliance with them.

7. We must improve our relations with Central and South America. We can not interfere when Democratic choices are made that we disagree with. We must take steps to convince Latin Americans that we respect them, seek their friendship and strengthen economic ties with them. We can not have a hostile Latin America at our back door.
Our enemies China, Russia and Iran are making inroads and this must not be permitted to go unchallenged. It should be challenged not militarily, but with public relations efforts and economic ties that are mutually beneficial. Countries like Venezuela that are hostile to us but not a real threat should just be ignored. To fight with Chavez only strengthens him.
Finally it is time to end the isolation of Cuba. What was once an appropriate posture towards Cuba is no longer the case. At this juncture in history freedom in Cuba will be advanced through cultural and economic exchanges. Negotiations should be opened up with Cuba provided Cuba is willing to talk and with the understanding that for the time being there are some things we must agree to disagree about.

8. We must maintain our military technology advantage. That is the only way we can maintain our Freedom. This means a missile defense shield for the USA and the ability to fend off computer attacks and launch our own as well as defend our assets in space from attack and maintain our technological advantage on the ground. If our allies want in on the missile defense they can. Screw Russia. If our allies do not have enough guts to stand up to the” Paper Bear” that’s ok too. The decision is theirs.

9. For diplomatic reasons this can not be said in the platform, at least not in this way, but we must recognize that the biggest long term threat we face is China and plan accordingly.

10. Foreign Aid is what I call enlightened self interest. It can generate enormous reservoirs of good will around the world. However it can be done more effectively for less money. No more huge cash transfers that wind up lining the pockets of corrupt foreign politicians but investing more money in small scale projects that directly benefit people.
Many of these programs also promote economic freedom. Many missionary and not for profit groups are very good at this as is the Peace Corp. We should both mimic their efforts and provide funding to them. This will be more effective and less expensive.

11. We are advocates of fair and free trade.

12. We will not enter into multi lateral treaties that erode our sovereignty.

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