Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Immigration Platform

I have said Republicans need to go back to being the party of Reagan. What would the Gipper do with the immigration issue? We know the answer to that because he gave illegal aliens amnesty. Ok yes we got more immigrants after that but that was because the other issues were not addressed. My point is that Reagan recognized the contribution that immigrants make to the US. We are a nation of immigrants. It is not a conservative position to be anti-immigrant.
But they are breaking the law we can not reward law breakers you say. Ok that is a valid point but we also need to be realistic in dealing with this issue. Can we really hope to deport them all? What about the people who hire them? Are conservative willing to go after all those small businesses?

Here is my solution.
1. Institute a realistic guest worker program that addresses the labor requirements of our country and gives workers from Mexico and Central America the ability to fill those needs. The Democrats will have a hard time supporting this because of Union opposition and we can gain traction with Hispanic voters.

2. We will not give amnesty to. No rewards for illegal activity. However we will not penalize them in the guest worker program application process. They will be able to become legal through that program.

3. We must gain control of our Borders. Put more feet on the ground and use more technology so we can stop illegals coming in. It can be done with enough resources.

4. Their must be severe penalties for employers who break the rules once we give them a legal way to hire foreign workers.

5. The guest workers will be taxed, pay into social security and be eligible for benefits like everyone else.
They will not be eligible for welfare or unemployment. Those are only for citizens. If you can not find enough work please go home. Their Children should receive an education. Educating anyone is ALWAYS a benefit to everyone.
What about health care costs? Employees who hire guest workers will be required to pay a fixed amount per day for each worker that would go into a fund that would reimburse hospitals for care given to uninsured guest workers. Hopefully that will work out to a nominal amount like 2 or 3 dollars per day.

6. Finally as a quid pro quo we do away with all federal laws that require government forms (Bonus: this will save $$) and ballots be printed in multiple languages. To become a citizen you are supposed to be able to understand English. You should only be voting if you are a citizen .Therefore, if you can not understand English you should not be voting. Immigrants must be forced to learn English because language is one of the linchpins that hold a culture together. I welcome Immigration but insist they learn to speak and read English if they are going to stay here.

That is my realistic conservative solution to the Immigration.

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