Friday, November 7, 2008

The Road Back

How does the Republican party come back.
First and most importantly we must go back to being the party of Ronald Reagan. We can not just pay lip service to it as we have for many years. Yes I know it was 30 years ago but that does not matter because the principles he stood for are still applicable. Smaller government, fiscal responsibility, low taxes, a robust military used judiciously, (in fact go back even further and walk softly but carry a big stick) America first and yes family values. Ask ourselves what would Reagan do?
By the way Ronald Reagan would not be rabidly anti immigrant. Forget that demagoguery on that issue it is not helping.
Second Impose party discipline. Forget the big tent nonsense. Take some core issues and tell dissenters stay on the reservation or you can forget about party support when you run again. Might we loose some seats that way? yes but in the long run worth it. Take earmarks for example. Tell them either you vote against all earmarks or else. Lead follow or get the hell out
of the way.
Develop Patience. The one thing Democrats are good at is incrementalism (except when they are in complete control then luckily for us they forget that). Move the country in your direction with little steps. Pick and choose your really big battles. Vote against all the hair brained proposals but really go to the mat on the ones that the public will get riled about. (think back to Hillary's Health Care plan). Wait for it....wait for it... let Obama push something stupid. Don't be too quick to pile on. Let him screw up
Public relations, Ohh where do I start. Yes I know it is hard because we do not get a fair shake from portions of the media but we can do better. I know rabid conservatives like Coulter and Limbaugh excite the base and are entertaining but they alienate the middle. We need reasonable sounding politicians who can explain why Republican policies are better for them in terms they can understand. (people like Bobby Jindal) Then we need to get this message to college kids, seniors, Hispanics and Independents. These groups may have gone to Obama but they are not wed to him. They will switch once they see how democratic policies hurt them. Believe me those policies are coming. Raising payroll taxes for social security and would you belief the Democrats are talking about doing away with private 401 k's and replacing it with a government run one. Their will be plenty of opportunities we just have to discipline ourselves to go after them in the most effective way.
Don't go to compassionate conservatism explain why conservatism is compassionate. Thats how Reagan did it.
Obama is not a Moderate but he convinced the voters he is. Learn that lesson.
Finally we have to be the party of Integrity. Keep lobbyists at a distance. Anyone who even engages in something that has a hint of impropriety or immorality must be swiftly shut down.
This policy must be strictly enforced. The Democrats are incapable of this. We have been much harder on our own in the past then the Dems are on theirs but we have been slipping. If we want credibility when go after corrupt Democrats we must put the word out that anything less then the highest ethical and moral standards will not be tolerated with in our party.
Specific policy positions to follow.

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