Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sexism is alive!

Can you Imagine anyone suggesting that a man should not be president because he has a large family or a disabled child?

Did anyone suggest AL gore should not be president because his teenage son was getting into some trouble?

The media has already spent more time on the pregnancy of a 17 year old girl then they have on Obama's close relationship with Ayers, a non repentant Weather Underground terrorist , a rascist minister and a and Tony Resco an indicted businessman.

The media has already raised more questions about Sarah Palin's experience then they have about Obama's and by any measure she has more experience then both professionally and real life.

But according to the liberals and feminists evangelicals are the sexists. Remember how the Media tarred the Promise Keeper movement. I am a Promise Keeper and my wife has a successful career and BOTH OF US have made career and personal sacrifices for the sake of our children. As a result we have intelligent well behaved children. It takes work but it is possible to do a good job raising children while both spouses work. I know a lot of people just like us. Believe me Conservative Christians and blue collar workers will identify with and admire Sarah Palin.

They are not the sexists.

Sarah Palin is an example of what real equality is all about and she is an excellent choice for Vice President.

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