Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jesus and Pontius Pilot enter the election

This really takes the cake. Are you ready.

The latest Democrat talking point is Jesus was a community organizer and Pontius Pilot was a Governor. Three Democratic talking heads include the despicable Donna Brazil used that line on different shows recently. Are they kidding! Usually they want to keep religion out of politics but they keep using this Messianic and God imagery with Obama. And to compare an elected Governor of Alaska with Pontius Pilot is really ridiculous. This really is not going to get them votes in the heartland. NOT!

Look experience of a particular type is not the be all and end all. You do have to prove that you have accomplished something and that you have sound judgment if you want to convince people you are capable of leading the free world. Obama has not shown either.

If you want to convince people he is up to the job based on his resume how about starting
with explaining exactly what a community organizer does. I do not think that is how Jesus would describe himself that way but hey who knows. I sure don,t because I am still not sure what one does.
I once organized my neighborhood to hold a giant garage sale. Am I a community organizer. Maybe I should run for president.

More important then what a community organizer does is what did Obama accomplish as a community organizer. He has not gotten that message out. We sure know what Palin accomplished as governor we know what McCain has accomplished in the Senate.

Even if Obama tried to accomplish something but did not pull it off that would be interesting to know. We learn a lot from our failures and I give points for trying.

So if the Democrats want to convince people that Obama has the experience and judgment to lead this country tell us what he accomplished and stop with the God comparisons because that is one job definitely above his pay grade.

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