Thursday, September 25, 2008

I ♥ Bill Clinton

Does anyone out there really believe the Clintons want Obama to win. That would mean Hillary has to wait 8 long years to run for President. If Obama looses she gets a shot in 4. (imagine an election Hillary v Sarah WOW).
Bill is out there doing everything he can to deep six Obama in a way that he can not be openly criticized for.
He has said nice things about Palin like he gets why people like her. The latest is; "Bill Clinton praised Sarah Palin Wednesday, saying he found the Alaska governor an “appealing person” and her and her family “gutsy, spirited and real.” and "I think that it’s best to say that Senator McCain looks like he knew what he was doing. He picked somebody who gave him a lot of energy, a lot of support.”

Previously he has said politically Hillary would have been the best choice politically for Obama but she did not really want the second spot. he has also said Democrats should not launch personal attacks on Palin.

Then Clinton defended "Sen. John McCain's request to delay the first presidential debate, saying McCain did it in "good faith" and pushed organizers to reserve time for economy talk during the debate if the Friday plans move forward".

Cinton says he will campaign for Obama after the Jewish Holidays. Obama must be praying that is not true. Imagine this phone call: Hi Bill this is Barack. You know Alaska is turning out to be a key state for us. Could you spend the next six weeks going door to door in Nome. I know its cold but we really need you up there.

I hope all you Clinton Cool Aid drinkers are getting the message. The fastest way for Hillary to become president is to vote for McCain in November.

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