Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Palin and Prayer

My two favorite subjects religion and politics have once again intersected.

The liberal hoi poloi are all in an uproar because... Governor Palin prays. OHHH the horror.

Yes she asked her church to pray that a gas pipeline would get built and she prayed that gay people would no longer be gay.

And this is a problem for who? Millions of people in this country pray every day. They pray they get a job, they pray for healing, The pray a hurricane does not hit them. I know gay people who have prayed to God to relieve them of there affliction.

Does prayer work. Sometimes? Do I understand why some prayers are answered and some are not. Nope I just know that God knows best. He sees the big picture you might say. If he does not answer a prayer he has a perfect reason. My mind just can't grasp it.

Are there some things we should not pray for. Probably. I imagine God would frown on prayer that requested something bad happen. But Governer Palin did not pray for anything bad. I have my own ideas about what I should bother God with but I am not qualified to judge whether a prayer is proper or not.

The problem these prayer critics have is that Sarah Palin "clings" to her religion and in there mind she must be ignorant. Well I suspect that the millions of people who have prayed at some point in their life are going to be offended by that implication. I know I am.

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