Friday, September 26, 2008

The Dolphin and the Congressman.

I usually do not do local stories but this one is such a great illustration of what is wrong with Congress. (well one thing that is wrong) that I had to do it.
Some background. A pod of dolphins have taken up residence in a local tidal estuary. If they do not leave before winter sets in they probably will not survive. Now many people want us to rescue the dolphins by forcibly removing them or driving them out. NOAA officials say that should not be done until they are in clear peril which is not yet the case because forcibly rescuing them could kill a lot of them. It also begs the question as to why tax dollars should be used to interfere in a completely natural process but that is not what we will talk about today.
Today's paper had an article about how one of the juvenile dolphins expired , probably from pneumonia. The Article reveals that Congressman Frank Pallone (D) wrote a letter to the Marine Fisheries Service requesting they implement a Dolphin evacuation plan.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME! We are trying to deal with major economic issues an energy problem, massive hurricane damage in Texas and two wars ( not to mention the closing of a local military base that he has dropped the ball on) and this clown is wasting his time worrying about some Dolphins? Is this what his constituents elected him to worry about? This is illustrative of why Congress does not work. They can do not understand what their job is. He probably got a few letters from some whack jobs about the Dolphins and decided the issue could get him another 20 or 30 votes. So while he fiddles around Rome burns. Why idiots like this get re-elected is beyond my comprehension.

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