Thursday, September 18, 2008

Energy Fraud

Congress is at it again. The Democrats pushed through a an energy bill (without letting Republicans add any amendments) that allows drilling no closer then 50 miles from the shore.
Now they can go home for the election and pretend they did what a majority of the country wants.

The problem is they did not do what the people want and the legislation is a fraud. OVER 80% OF THE OIL IS CLOSER IN THEN 50 MILES. Once again the Democrats are hoping that the the public is stupid.

A special award goes to delegation of my home state of New Jersey. Those pandering politicians wouldn't even vote for that.

An extra special award to State Senator Joseph Kyrillos (R) who the same day said he was worried that if people could see windmills off the coast it would hurt the tourism industry.
Does he actaully believe that? I do not know which is worse. That he believes it or that he is pandering to the envionrmental extremists. Did anyone do an economic analysis to see if the alleged drop in tourism would be offset by the boon to our economy of developing offshore energy resources? probably not.

While our economy and national security continue to deteriorate because we must import our energy the politicians fiddle.

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