Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sarah Palin

Some people have questoned whether John McCain used sound judgment in picking Sarah Palin for his VP some have actually sated it as a reason for endorsing Obama, Including Powell, some conservative pundits and the liberal rag that is my hometown paper.
Are their criticisms that she is not ready valid? I think not. I think it stems from bigotry. No not gender based. They are intellectual and cultural bigots. (the same bigotry a certain cowboy movie actor once suffered from) She actually has more relevant experience then Obama and has a record of getting things accomplished. The fact that she can see Russia from her state actually does give her more foreign policy experience then Clinton had as governor of Arkansas or Carter as Governor of Georgia had. (thats a joke in case you elites missed it)
The problem is that she did not get an Ivory league education. She speaks differently then the East Coast elite. She speaks the vernacular of rural America. She kills animals instead of spending time pondering Supreme court decisions. Seriously do we want a women like that in the oval office?
Well I do. The last 3 presidents were all ivory league made and as far as I am concerned they were all screw ups.
Look at the genius Governor we have in NJ. Wall Street Financier gold plated credentials, a gazzilionaire. His approval rating is lower then George Bush's and he did what no one thought possible and screwed up NJ even more. He has been touted as everything from a presidential candidate to Secretary of the Treasury.
Meanwhile Sarah Palin has an 85% approval rating in Alaska and got a pipeline built that no one else could. She beat the hell out of the entrenched old guard in her own party to get where she is. This is a women who is a natural born leader.
I wish all our politicians were like her. Are there some things she will need to study up on. Sure. but she is capable of that. It actually is not rocket science. What you can not learn is how to be a great leader. Sure you can learn a few skills but greatness is born not made. Sarah Palin has proven she can lead and I hope all the regular people stand up and stick it to the elites on election day.

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