Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Manchurian Candidate

The Manchurian Candidate is a book/movie about someone who is brainwashed into be a sleeper agent for the communists.

In politics it has come to mean someone who has a secret agenda inimical to the interests of the US and is seeking high office. It is quickly becoming an overused cliche, however if there was ever a politician who deserves the moniker it is Barack Obama. No not because he is secretly a Muslim I seriously doubt that.

It is because he portrays himself as a moderate centrist Democrat when in reality he is a radical socialist.

I believe one of the reasons he has such a sparse record for the time he has been in office is to help him maintain his veneer. Even still during the time he has been in the senate he has had the most liberal voting record. This guy is further from the center then Pat Buchannan is. Just in the opposite direction.

Look at the radicals people and organizations he has associated with. Bill Ayers, Father Phleger, Reverend Wright, Farrakhan, Acorn, the New Party. I will not detail the relationships here that is all over the web. then there are the ones not publicized as much. Marilyn Katz former head of the Security for Students for for a Democratic Society. The 60's radical group that the Weatherman Terrorists split off from. She serves on Obama national Finance Committee. The fact is they are all anti capitalism and in most cases anti-American. Their are other troubling alleged associations I can not confirm so we will leave them alone for now.

Now I have seen a lot of articles suggesting that McCain is making a mistake, people are interested in pocket book issues not whether Obama knows some has been 1960's domestic terrorist. But pocket book issues are exactly why these affiliations matter. You can judge a person by the company he keeps. These associations are evidence that he is more radical then he pretends to be. Once in office he will move this country towards a socialist economy. History shows that socialism does not work. For all its flaws capitalism has been shown to be the best economic model their is.

Sarah Palin is correct when she says Barack Obama is not like us. He does not hold the same values as middle America. If people understood what his true agenda is for this country McCain would win by a landslide. Hell if they understood this guy George Bush could beat him.

His whole life history points to his true beliefs. he spent many formative (elementary) years being educated in Indonesia. Does anyone think he was inoculated with respect for capitalism there, or respect (never mind love) for America? In High School his mentor Frank Marshall Davis was a member of the Communist Party.

The problem is twofold one our current president is blamed for all our problems (and to be fair he has screwed up his fair share) and two many people just take the attitude we need change I do not care what it is as long as it is different and they do not bother to investigate whether the change will be better or worse. Believe me when I say that things could get worse much much worse. I remember the last time this happened. After Nixon the nation wanted change and they got Jimmy carter and stagflation and Gas shortages the decline of our military. Things where pretty bleak.

Second Obama is a great speaker. ( In an informal setting there are too many ahhs interspersed but that is a small flaw) He knows how to create imagery. He knows how to inspire with the turn of a phrase , hoe to effectively use inflection and he has a pleasing voice. In short he is the best political speech giver since Ronald Reagan.

So he has many voters fooled. If he wins this election it will be the greatest con job ever pulled on the voters. I just hope his agenda does not damage this country beyond repair in the next 4 years.

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