Thursday, October 2, 2008


I do not usually watch political debates. They really do not tell us a whole lot. They are mostly shtick. I would prefer to read position papers by the candidates.

That being said I watched the Palin/Biden debate because I wanted to see how Palin did and I will say that Biden did an outstanding job. Palin did not screw up but I was not overly impressed. She did OK. Although she may have played better in the "heartland" I would say Biden won on style and rhetoric skills.

Neither of them changed my mind on who has the better policies.

Biden did say a few things of interest.

One he admitted that Obama wanted to DOUBLE the amount of foreign aid we give out.
but that the economic downturn would slow that down. (that may be fodder for another post)

Two he said that the Middle class deserves tax cuts not corporations and wealthy Americans because the middle class is the economic engine of this Country. Now I am firmly in what Obama calls the Middle Class. My household income fluctuates between 90,000 and 150,000
per year and I live in a very expensive part of the country. While I always love a tax cut If you do not include social security taxes I am not terribly overtaxed by the federal government.
I can tell you that the Middle Class is not the economic engine of this country. The Middle Class reaps the benefit of the economic engine which is the corporations that Obama wants to tax.
The corporations by the way that that the Middle Class owns a good portion of via pension plans, 401ks, IRA's and mutual funds. The same corporations that the Middle Class work for.

Three he said Obama will withdraw troops from Iraq in 16 months that is his plan McCain has no plan to get us out. When did it become a good idea to tell your enemies what your plan is? Somebody has to explain how that is a good way to win a war cause I just do not see it.

Biden may have said the things that won him the debate (and which may win Obama the election) but he did not change my mind.

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