Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Colin Powell

I am sure the Powell endorse has hurt McCain.

There are a couple of things that Powell said that really tick me off.

First he said some things about Palin which I will address in the next post.

Then he said I do not want to see two more conservatives appointed to the Supreme Court.

This highlights the fact that Powell is a RHINO (Republican in name only.) Can anyone tell me one Republican position that this guy agrees with. One just one is all I ask for. Of course you can't. By the way McCain is (unfortunately in my opinion) no raging conservative. We are not likely to get far right judges with him. We are more likely to wind up with judges like Sandra Day O'Connor and Kennedy. I can not understand why this guy is Republican (guesses anyone) and I am not surprised he backed Obama.

Secondly he spoke about a US soldier who gave his life in the current conflict who happened to be a Muslim and spoke about how he was disturbed by the Republican efforts to falsely paint Obama as a Muslim.

The problem is he is holding John McCain and the Republican party responsible for fringe groups they have no control over. With the Internet any nut job with a computer can spout whatever they want (case on point THIS BLOG) and it can take on a life of its own. To hold McCain responsible for that is disingenuous.

But what if he were a Muslim? I thinK a persons religious beliefs are fair game. It is not like race which is an irrelevant factor. It says a lot about you. I have Muslim friends. I disagree with their choice of religion but they are wonderful people. I would defend there right to believe what they want and would risk my own life to defend them from harm. That being said many Muslims hold beliefs that are an anathema to our culture and before I would vote for a Muslim for any office I would demand evidence that they are sufficiently acculturated to America that they have rejected that subset of their beliefs.
For instance would you vote for someone who believed all Women should wear a chador in public? Of course most of you would not.

But I digress the main point is that Colin Powell's reasons for his endorsement strike me as phony. He has endorsed Obama because he is a liberal who wants liberal policies enacted. So Mr Powell while you can endorse anyone you want please stop pretending to be a Republican.

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