Thursday, January 17, 2008


First let me lay out who I am not endorsing and why because this has been a process of elimination more then anything else. These are my opinions based on my observations and what I have read.

1. Mitt Romney. I like the positions he has laid out and he is a very good speaker however I doubt his sincerity, the depth of his belief in social and fiscal conservatism.

2. Rudy Gulianni. Social liberal. Thinks too highly of himself to the point where it borders on delusional. Narcissistic. Personality too volatile almost unstable at times.

3. Mike Huckabee. I really like the social conservative aspect of Mike Huckabee but I am very concerned about his economic policies and his tendency to want to use the power of government to improve people. Plus, I do think an overtly religious person would be attacked to the point where it would become a distraction that would effect their ability to be elected. No matter how much I like a persons position it does not help us if he is not elected. This country is severely divided over religious issues. Do we want to wave a red flag in front of the bull. This time too much is at stake.

4. John McCain. I like where McCain stands on the issues. However I am still disconcerted by the cavalier way he addressed first amendment issues surrounding campaign finance and I am troubled by his bipartisan approach if that means compromise on core issues. He is also blind on the torture issue because of his personal experiences.
He also appears thin skinned at times. However because I like his positions on most issues and he is probably pretty electable he is my second choice.

5. Ron Paul. I am not a libertarian. libertarians forget the other side of the social compact. Their are responsibilities that go along with the rights. Plus his foreign policy is positively stupid.

6Duncan Hunter. Who? Actually on an issue basis I align more closely with Hunter then any other candidate but he has no chance. Maybe down the road a ways.

AND THE WINNER IS FRED THOMPSON. OK I do disagree with Fred on the immigration issue but after that I am on the same train. He is a great speaker and does not strike one as your typical waffling politician. He can do what Reagan did and talk directly to the people in a way that they can relate too and understand. He is a likable guy who people recognize because of his acting experience but he also smart and has strong political experience.
I think he can win the election and he can win the ideological battle after the election.

So Vote Fred!

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