Friday, January 4, 2008

The Real Threat

Our nation faces a grave peril. In fact our very existence as a nation is more threatened then at any time since World War Two. Although the hammer will not drop for another 10 to 20 years the threat already exists and we ignore it at our own peril.

No it is not Islamic terrorists. Although they are a danger they do not have near enough power to take us down. In fact the greatest danger they pose is that they sap our strength and distract us so that we will be unable to face the real threat.

No it is not Mexican Immigrants. in fact Immigrants from Mexico can help revitalize our country just like the immigrant groups before them.

The real threat to this country is China and we are ignoring it.

First let's be clear about what China is. It is no longer communist it is closer to fascism then communism. It is authoritarian it has a socialistic well regulated, state-integrated economic sector (as opposed to a true communist economic model which it has actually rejected). It is nationalistic. The current Chinese leadership believes China is the middle Kingdom and must be restored to its number 1 position in the world. Do not doubt that they believe that the Chinese people are superior. It is militaristic having the largest standing army in the world and engaged in a massive buildup and modernization. It is Imperialistic. They have had border wars over the last 50 years with Russia, India and Vietnam that are currently quiet but remain unresolved. They have disputes with Japan the Philippines and other nations regarding ownership of international waters. Finally we know they intend to eventually subjugate Taiwan no matter the cost. Wikipedia states that The key attribute (of Fascism) is intolerance of others: other religions, languages, political views, economic systems, cultural practices. Witness how they treat their minorities particularly Tibet. The only attribute of Fascism they do not have is anti- communism and that is because they still use the myth that they are communist because fascism has even more negative associations then communism in the eyes of the world.

Like all good fascists they believe they as a nation (not as a political /economic movement like communists) it is their destiny to if not directly rule the world be the Hegemon of the world.

The only thing China sees standing between them and their destiny is us.

Coming up next the the case for China as a threat.

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