Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How To Prepare For The China Threat; #1

I have done a few long posts ( The Real Threat and The case for the China Threat) about why China is the greatest threat facing this country.
A greater threat then Communist Russia ever was because of China's economic power. That is something Russia never had.

I will periodically follow up with shorter posts on what we as a Nation need to do in order to meet this threat.

The first thing is energy independence. This means doing some things environmentalists will like and some things they will not like. THIS IS VITALLY IMPORTANT TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY.

1. develop alternate energies in partnership with private industry; make solar cheap and efficient, more wind power especially wind farms off our coasts, waste cellulose to ethanol (their is some promising research using bacteria to do this).

2. Drill in the Arctic and off all our coasts. We have been drilling for years in the Gulf of Mexico off Texas and Louisiana with very little adverse environmental impact.

3. Encourage Conservation.

4. Subsidize and expand mass transit.

5. More Nuclear power plants.

Whatever arguments can be made against doing these things are meaningless if we cease to exist as a nation.

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