Monday, January 28, 2008

The Democratic Primary

I think this primary is over. Ted Kennedy endorsing Obama will swing the tide away from Hillary.

Edwards does not stand a chance. This is good because he is the biggest phony of the lot. he is someone who will offer the masses anything and everything. He is an extreme liberal populist not because of any ideological bent but because of a desire for power. In another age he could have been a Huey Long.

Anyway enough about the looser. I know a lot of conservatives will be happy that Clinton will loose. I am not so sure I share that view. I am conflicted. I believe the Clinton's are divisive and power hungry and amoral. Obviously I do not want them in power. While Obama is sincere he is more liberal then the Clinton and because people view him as a "uniter" he will be even more dangerous to the conservative cause.
He will not compromise he will use his likable personality and ability to speak directly to the people to push through a liberal agenda. He is the Democratic Reagan and will have more success then Clinton ever would.

Then their is foreign policy. while I am deeply concerned about the Clinton relationship with China she does have a more realistic view of foreign policy then Obama. As bad as a Clinton Foreign policy could be Obama's will be worse. Think Jimmy Carter then think about worse then Jimmy Cater. Obama is dangerously naive about foreign policy.

It will be difficult for Republicans to win this time out no matter who the candidate is. Quite frankly Clinton would be the easier one too beat. She will energize the conservative base because she is so divisive. Many Independents will not vote for her even if they agree with her policies because they do not want the controversy she and her husband bring.

This is why I am not sure that Obama winning the Democratic primary is a good thing.

Two more notes on this primary. First conservatives need to stop making fun of Hillary's looks and and sending out goofy pictures of Hillary. It is cruel and stupid and it builds sympathy for her.
Second from what I have seen of Chelsea in this campaign impresses me. She has grown into a women with charm and class. Where did she find appropriate role models?


Sidney Condorcet said...

Spelling counts, Son of Liberty...Obama will be a juggernaut this November...Repubs will try the race card and will try to brand him as a socialist...There will be many scare tactics employed...But if there was ever a singular moment where a candidate like Obama can succeed, this moment is surely it...

Son of Liberty said...

Did I mis-spell something?

Son of Liberty said...

In any event I agree that Obama will probably be our next president. I do not think any of the Republican candidates can beat him.
He will be branded as a socialist because he is but the American people will either be in the mood for that or will not care.
I doubt the Republicans will be stupid enough to play the race card. Some fringe groups may but what else ie new.
We will get more big government like universial Health care. It is a bad idea but people want it.
At least a 50/50 chance that the economy will get much worse. At the least our deficit will continue to grow.
Foreign policy will be an utter disaster. Worse then Carter's

One good thing will come out of it all. Nobody will ever again be able to say race holds people back.
Not in a country that elects a black man. That issue will be off the table.