Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kwanzaa Bah Humbug

It aggravates me that most Elementary Schools in NJ have lessons about Kwanzaa along with Christmas and Hanuka. I saw a sign today on one school that said Happy Kwanzaa.

No it is not because I am a racist. It is because the Holiday is Racist. It is according to its founder "for Black People"
Want some other reasons.

*Its founder Karenga, is a Marxist black separatist atheist and was convicted of torturing 2 African American women.

*It is anti Christian. It was created to give African Americans an alternative to the Christian holiday which Karenga views as a myth forced upon blacks. It is specifically held at this time of year to detract from Christmas.

*It is made up and has nothing to do with Africa. The really ironic part is that all the language of Kwanzaa is in Swahili which is a derivative of Arabic. It is spoken in areas of East Africa that were colonized by Arab slavers and ivory traders.

Most African Americans do not even celebrate it.

Is this really the type of garbage we want to be feeding any child whether they be black, white brown or yellow? If the school systems did not perpetuate this it would have died off already.

Let your school system know enough is enough.

Please read the sources (links) below for more information

Kwanzaa- Racist Holiday from Hell (the author is a black preacher)
Ron Karenga
What is Kwanzaa
Kwanzaa is for Pagans

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