Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I am not a huge Michael Bloomberg fan but this article in the Financial Times deserves careful consideration. I am not sure I agree 100% with it but it definitely raises some interesting points.


Joseph O said...

This is the key paragraph because the Mayor is right that we need More Trains which would spur a reduciton in our dependancy on foreign oil and help reduce pollution and global warming.

"Investing in infrastructure is equally critical to a nation’s competitiveness. China is finishing what will be the world’s largest airport terminal in Beijing. It is building 20,000km of railway lines and has already built the world’s fastest train, which runs at a top speed of 267mph. These are the kinds of investments we need more of in America if we are to keep pace with our international competition."

We are continuing the efforts to DraftMichael(dotcom) for president and expect him to jump in any day now...

Son of Liberty said...

I would absolutly not support him for President.
I do however agree with heis views on infrastructure. This has historically been a role of government. We built an interstate highway system and it is overloaded. It is time to subsidize a rail network and other means of transportaion. It will result in a stronger economy AND better quality of life.
This is one of the few areas Govt. should subsidize.