Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Global Warming ?

I Continue to doubt that Global warming is a fact. (read the article linked).


Historically it was just as warm during the Medieval Warming Period (During the time the Vikings colonized Greenland and discovered America) as it is today. This was followed by the climate period that was known as the little Ice Age. Logically from a historical perspective the "Global Warming Theory" does not add up.

But let us say it is warming up. Unless you believe we are in a "perfect climate cycle" getting warmer can not be all bad. Granted their will be winners and losers in any climate change but mankind has flourished through a variety of climate variations over the millennium. Our climate has NEVER been static. There is not even scientific consensus as to what the effects of global warming will be. My favorite theory is that warming will slow the gulf stream which will actually trigger an ice age in the Northern Hemisphere. I kind of like the idea that the earth is a semi closed system that can self regulate itself. In any event, today we have the technological ability to ameliorate any negative effects of climate change. This is where our efforts should be expended.

Additionally the downside has been greatly exaggerated. Most meteorologists say global warming does not affect hurricanes formation. Some have postulated that a warmer climate would reduce hurricanes because they are driven by temperature variation, warm air hitting cold water. Another example is an increase in Malaria. Well malaria is not limited to warm climes. It was once a problem in large areas of the United States. Malaria is even found in Siberia and out breaks many many years ago killed a lot of people in Siberia. So global warming will not cause a spread of malaria. Warmer means longer growing seasons. That is a good thing. Far more people die throughout the world from cold then from heat every year.

Wait you say why not play it safe and reduce carbon emissions? Well I agree that there are a myriad number of reasons to reduce energy consumption through alternative energy, improved technology and voluntary conservation. The problem is that other countries are using global warming to wage economic warfare against the US. Developing countries are trying to use global warming scare tactics to force a reduction in our standard of living while China , India and the third world catch up with us. They are also using global warming to force an involuntary transfer of technology to the developing nations. See when you can not go fast enough to catch up you try to slow the other guy down. This is one of the things driving this global warming scam.

The other thing driving it is the anti technology crowd who think combustion engines are the spawn of Satan. Let us not forget that we owe our health, standard of living, our easy access to knowledge, all the things we take for granted to the consumption of fossil fuels. That is why the developing world does not want restrictions to apply to them because they understand it is their ticket out of grinding poverty. Sure their have been some trade offs and as I said their are many good reasons to move on to a economy based on alternative energy but let us not throw away the baby with the bath water.

Because both global warming and its proclaimed negative effects are questionable we should move forward with mandatory reductions in carbon emissions cautiously so as not to destroy our economy and we should not bind ourselves to international treaties which hamstring our economy while giving the rest of the world free reign.

Besides, I like warm weather.

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