Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I know what you are thinking. Here is another blogger who is spouting off without knowing what he is talking about . Look at his header. Son of Liberty, a reference to our revolutionary war heroes. The Sons Of Liberty where agitators in Boston who pushed us towards revolution. Not terribly original but it makes a statement. Then he goes into a biblical quote. The problem is the freedom the Sons of Liberty talked about and the freedom Jesus talked about where two different things. The Sons of Liberty where looking for political and personal freedom as expressed in the Bill of Rights. The freedom Jesus spoke of was freedom from the shackles of sin. The truth that sets us free is that he is the Son of God who was crucified for our sins.

The two do not have anything to do with one another. That is what you are thinking.

I am taking a little poetic license using the two references together but it is appropriate. It is appropriate because that is not the only truth the Christian faith revealed. It also taught us that each individual person has value and is loved by God. Judeo-Christian teachings lead directly to the philosophy's that resulted in the Bill of Rights. It is no accident that the ideas of basic human rights flourished in a Christian world as opposed to a part of the world where another religion predominated. So there is a connection.

In addition this Blog will sometimes be about politics and sometimes religion. Sometimes it will be about where the two intersect.

Finally I really like the whole Revolutionary War story, the characters,how it plays out and especially the ending . It really is one of the great stories of history. I also really like that quote because even taken out of context it is true on so many levels.

That is why the header works, at least for me.