Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Ahmadinejad Day

Since President Ahmadinejad is visiting the UN today I thought it would be an appropriate time to discuss how we should deal with this oppressive regime of Shite fundamentalists who are determined to destroy Israel, wage jihad and apparently want a nuclear bomb.

We should do nothing except make one statement. That is right do nothing. It is our allies in Europe and the Middle east who are most threatened by a nuclear Iran. They should deal with the problem as they deem appropriate. Our involvement probably just complicates matters.

What should we say you ask?

We should make the simple statement that we will let our allies deal with the issue of a nuclear Iran. We will go along with what ever resolution they reach be it sanctions, war or nothing at all. However, if Iran or any nation ever launches a nuclear attack on one of our friends or on the United States we will launch a nuclear counterattack that will wipe that nation off the face of the Earth.
If terrorists attack us with nuclear weapons we will determine where they obtained those weapons and respond with total all out war.

This accomplishes two things. It tells are allies that if they want a safer world they had better step up to the plate and it lets our enemies know we do not fear them and we do not seek conflict but that if they seek conflict they should fear us.

This simple statement will show the true impotency of Ahmadinejad.

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