Friday, January 2, 2009

Salt the Earth

The New Year once again starts with massive violence in the Middle East.

Sorry to say the Palestinians have not yet learned their lesson. They continue to kill innocent Israeli citizens. Of course when Israel responds they are condemned. We should encourage Israel to once and for all purge this terrorist scum from the Earth. There are no innocents. Most of the people in the Gaza strip support Hamas. The Israels need to go Old Testament on them. Let civilians out if they want out through a controlled checkpoint kill all the terrorists and "Salt the Earth." Make Gaza an uninhabitable wasteland. With a warning that the same will happen to the West Bank if they start in. Maybe then the Palestinians will see that terrorism is not the way.

Is this harsh? Yes it is but history teaches us that your enemies must be totally crushed or they will keep coming back at you.

The sad thing is it did not have to come to this. The Palestinians could have achieved so much if they had followed the path of Martin Luther King and Ghandi. They would have had all the sympathy. Israel as a righteous nation would have caved in and the Palestinians could have had the West bank and the Gaza strip all to themselves and had a thriving nation. All without the massive amount of death and Misery. The Arab people and the Palestinians in particular seem culturally incapable of grasping this.

They have to either change or be crushed. It saddens me to say all this but 40 years of on and of violence needs to finally end, one way or another.

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