Monday, December 1, 2008

Some Random thoughts on the Appointments

I must admit I am pleasantly surprised. While I am sure I have some policy differences with President elect Obama's cabinet appointments so far they seem like competent appointments and none that would appear to want to drag the US in a radical direction. This is a good thing for the country on these perilous times.

Their has been a lot of questions about why he would appoint Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Putting a former rival in a powerful position where they can undermine you is a dangerous proposition. Their are a lot of reasons why appointing her might be good or might be bad. Lets throw out one really devious reason that someone would do that. I am not claiming this is why the President Elect appointed her but if someone where an evil genius consider this. She has to give up a powerful senate seat. If a year or two years from now she gets fired as Secretary of State she has no platform for her future political aspirations. Think about it. (just for fun)

A bright spot for Republicans; Obama has picked a couple of popular governors and senators to be in his cabinet.

This now gives the Republican Party a better chance to win those seats.

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