Monday, March 17, 2008

Saint Patricks Day

I am not Italian American or African American or Polish American or Chinese American and though my ancestors came fro Ireland I am not Irish American. my great grandfather perhaps lays claim to being an Irish American but I do not.

I am one thing and one thing only. I AM AN AMERICAN. My culture is not Irish it is American.

We all need to strop thinking of ourselves as hyphenated Americans. It is bad for our nation. It eats away at our unity and preserves prejudice. We celebrate the heritage and culture of the nations our forebears fled. They came here because the American culture was better. It offered them more of a chance for success. Granted Africans did not come here voluntarily but I ask would you rather be here or in the country of your forefathers?

For this reason I no longer celebrate Saint Patrick's day as anything other then an excuse to eat corn beef and drink beer.

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