Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Religion, Race and Politics

By now you have all heard about O'bamas speech in response to the truly repulsive things that the minister of his Church has said. I will not bother providing a link because it is everywhere.In many ways I wish we were debating policy issues because the policies that the candidates put forward deserve to be dissected and we never seem to get to that.

However these conversations do serve a purpose because they tell us a lot about the candidates.

Obama says "I can no more deny my pastor then I can deny my white grandmother" and "Who has not heard there pastor say something that they disagree with"

I have heard my pastor say things I disagree with. Not little things but things that went against my core believes. I left that Church. A place where I had many friends. It was difficult but it was the right thing to do.

If Obama's pastor had said gay people should be stoned, or that interracial marriage was an abomination or that we should wage a crusade against Muslims and wipe them out or that Jews were evil would that have been enough to drive him out. I know I would leave a church if those things were preached from the pulpit. Is what his pastor said any better. I do not think so. Can you imagine Condi Rice or Colin Powell not walking out on that pastor?

So why has Obama stayed with this pastor.

I think it is because he is a big phony. He is a wonderful orator. One of the great inspirational speakers. However he does not believe anything he is saying. Either he agrees with his pastor or he is so devoid of core beliefs that he was simply not offended.

I think he is not a moderate who wants to unite us. I do not believe any of what he is saying. I think thisis more evidence that he is an ultra liberal no, scratch that, I meant a Marxist, who hates America. If he is elected president he will seek to destroy this country and will attack those who he considers the "privileged" (read bourgeois) and that he will tolerate racsist rhetoric that supports that agenda.

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