Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday.

Well I did it. I voted. It was tough. I made my final decision sitting in my car at the polling place. I am not crazy about any of the candidates.
Here is what it finally came down to. I do not think Huckabee is conservative enough on fiscal issues. Besides he is no longer a serious contender. While I think conservative criticism of McCain has been over the top in the end I decided he was too populist. I felt his attacks on corporations making profit went too far. I agree with his immigration policy but not on a number of other policies.
I went with Romney. I have doubts about the depth of his conservatism and I am not sure he is better candidate to beat the democrat then McCain but he is just as strong on defense and he claims fiscal and social conservatism on most issue. He is decidely the only canmdidate that is pro business.

Not that I think it will matter. I will predict that Obama is the Democrat Nominee and that he wins the Presidency.
If Clinton is the nominee we have a shot with either Romney or McCain but probably a better shot with McCain. No matter how you slice it the Republicans will have an up hill battle.

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