Thursday, February 28, 2008

I can not sleep after hearing this.

You have got to listen to this speech by Obama.

This is beyond a doubt the most frightening postion on National defense that I have ever heard a politician espouse. he is worse then ..dare I say it... Jimmy Carter.

Where has he been for the last 40 years. He does not want to weaponize space. Great let the Chinese do it all by themselves.

He wants to do away with all nuclear weapons. So what if it is the only thing that has stopped the Russians and the Chinese from launching a war of world conquest.

He will end the research into a missile defense shield. Hey so what if half a dozen crazys who happen to own countries would like to launch a big one at us.

Not to mention his plans to destoy the capabilities of our convential forces.

So this all makes me wonder who this guy is working for because he has to be a Manchurian candidate. No one who is actually concerned about this country would actually propose this.

Hell why not just divvy the country up among our enemies now and be done with it.

I shudder to think what my children will face living in a castrated United States if this guy gets his way.

I do not care what anyone says. If you care about this country at all you have to go pull the lever for McCain. If you stay home because he is not conservative enough you are not thinking clearly. Look at the alternative. I would vote for any Republican and a fair number of Democrats before I would allow this guy to run the country. Even Clinton is starting to look good.

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