Sunday, February 10, 2008

Meeting the China Threat 2

To Continue my series on the China threat and what we must do to meet it let us talk about economic measures.

We must improve our economic health. While I am no expert in economics I instinctivly feel debt is generally bad. From a security standpoint what is bad about our debt is the amount of debt held by foriegn countries such as the Arab nations and the Chinese. In a war they could use this leverage to damage our economy. This is now a national security priority.

The second economic issue is manufacturing capacity. I am a proponent of free trade but as a matter of national security we must maintaian the capacity to produce what we need to fight a prolonged war with a powerful enemy. That means maintaining a steal aking capacity and a manufacturing capacity. We should insist that any compsny that supplies defense related equipment to the US maintain enough of a manufacturing presence in the USA so that in time of war we can produce everything we need here at home.

China will wage all out war including economic war in any conflict that it becomes involved in. We must be prepared for that.

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