Thursday, October 4, 2007


There has been a lot of talk in the press lately about the Bush administration seeking cuts in a program that supplies medical insurance to uninsured children. Now It is hard to argue that we should not provide insurance for children who are from poor families. Even if you take the position that the adults are responsible for there own you really can not let the children suffer for any shortcomings the parents may have. So I never had a problem with this particular program other then I knew that the liberals would not be happy stopping there and would try to expand the program into universal health care.

Then I read this news article.

Apparently my blue state has decided to sue the federal government because they changed the eligibility requirements for this program. New Jersey's suit focuses on rule changes, which would limit federal coverage to families earning less than 250 percent the poverty level — $51,625 a year for a family of four. New Jersey currently covers families that earn up to 350 percent of poverty — $72,275 for a family of four.

Say that again! Our taxes are paying for health insurance for children whose parents earn $72,275 per year. Unbelievable. You are not going to convince me that a family of 4 cannot provide shelter, clothing food and health insurance on 70 grand a year. Now certainly in NJ you would have to live frugally on that amount but necessities come first. At this level this program is not helping the truly needy it is merely income redistribution. It is also another way that the democrats buy votes. This is outrageous.

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