Monday, October 29, 2007

A Chicken In Every Pot

The Democrats have gone back to there old playbook. No longer do they try to sound moderate.
They plan to get elected by promising to give the lower and Middle classes everything they always wanted. None do this better then John Edwards.
He has even promised college for everyone. Have we not yet learned that the things we really appreciate are those that we work for. Anyone who is smart enough to go to college and wants to go to college can find a way. It may not be easy but how much sweeter the payoff.

Edwards rails against economic disparity but it is economic disparity that has made this country great. It is because so many Americans wanted to improve their conditions and had the ability to do so by hard work and sweat that this country is one of the most innovative, creative, hard working countries that has ever existed. It is what fueled our geographic and economic expansion. It is what puts a fire in our belly. Tax the rich and spread it out with programs and cash handouts so that everyone has the same standard of living and no matter what you do you can not be better or worse and there goes any incentive you have to work hard. People need something to strive for.
My great grandfather was a an Irish immigrant who worked as trolley car conductor. His son became a foreman at a plant and in turn his son entered the world of white collar middle management. I worked my way through school to become the first college graduate in my family and went on to earn a professional degree. That is how this country has worked and that is as it should continue. If you want better for your self or your family go out and get it do not wait for the government to give it to you.
The New Deal was bad for this country because it taught people that they are entitled to all sorts of things at the governments expense. Edwards program will be even worse. It will be another nail in the coffin.

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