Friday, April 25, 2008

Thoughts on Presidential Politics

First, a great column by Peggy Noonan. read it. She is a great writer.

Hillary won Pennsylvania by a small enough margin so that she and Obama will be at each others throats from now through the convention. The Democrats are actually giving the Republicans a shot at winning.

A saw the other day that one of the regional papers (Maine I think) had an editorial America not ready for a Black president. Hogwash!

The opposite is true. America yearns for a black president. America wants to prove to itself and the world that it is not a racist country.

The problem is that we are a moderate to conservative country and most prominent black politicians that have expressed an interest in the office of president are unreconstructed radical liberals. Barack Obama is the first one to wear a thin coat of moderation. He speaks to the voters in a way that is none threatening. he speaks convincingly of unity and moderation and protecting the little guy from the predatory corporations out there.
This is why if he gets the nomination the Republicans MUST NOT PLAY THE RACE CARD. That would insure that Obama won. Under that scenario people will vote for him just to prove they are not racist.

However, he can be beat. That thin coat of moderation must be stripped from him. He must be shown for the con artist that he is. He must be attacked not for his race but his policies. His radical economic and foreign policy must be exposed.

He is a threat to the middle class and the security of this nation not because of what or who he is but because of what he thinks. the only way to defeat him is to expose that.

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